Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This is the SCA.And this is the SCA.
Okay, I lied. This is the SCA.
All the other photos are my pictures from my experiences with the SCA CLC Seattle Program. But this isn't important. What is important is that the SCA is amazingly fun to be in, rewarding, and plain awesome. It's an environmental service group, and one of the keystones of the program is its Summer Crews, the normal one of which is a two-week expedition to the nearby Mount Rainier. With this in mind, and the annual holiday party coming up, I figured I had to do something. I had to make a cake. An awesome cake.

To make a volcanic mountain cake, what better then a red velvet cake? Forget your usual reservations about putting two ounces of food coloring in a cake (if you're using paste or gel colors, it's less) and have fun with it. Everyone loves a red velvet cake.
To fill up two nine-inch square pans, I doubled this recipe. Don't worry about the 2 ounces of food coloring part if you don't have it all. Just dump in a whole bunch.
After baking, I filled the cakes with cream cheese icing, shaped it into a mountain shape, and then use a thinned version to do what the show Cake Boss calls "dirty icing"....For obvious reasons.mmmmmmmmmmm
Later, it's time to get some actual frosting down. White and chocolate flavored buttercream served the purpose well. The thing was, I wanted an accurate picture of Mt. Rainier. This required extensive Wikipedia-scoping, procurement of multiple maps, and, well...

This is how everyone cooks, right?
Closer-up shot of the cake.
Green-colored coconut shavings and icing, and Swedish pearl sugar add character...
Delicious. But it eeds some entirely gratuitous details.

Perfect. Map of Narada Falls, Paradise Visitor's Center (in pink) and Panorama Point. And the flag. It was accompanied with some cookies.Homemade royal icing. Beautiful. And tasty.
And though it was quite dry and needed more filling, I think everyone liked the cake too. :)
I'll finish up the post with a sonnet I wrote, "Song for the Mountain".

O, exalted mount of mine, I know you

Having run my hands along your face.

Each snow-anointed facet on the blue

And every climber climbing into space.

O frosty meadows high upon your sides

Pale grasses green that grow where no tree can

Yet higher, even they are brushed aside

To snow and other things unknown to man.

O holy mount, I've seen you waiting there,

Our human city streets point up to you.

Great queen of magma, ice, and high clear air:

A blessed land's bright gemstone, through and through.

O misty mount, I catch you in my gaze,

And I remember you and all those holy days.

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